Why bigger is better

By Colleen Banks

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Let’s be honest, the majority of people believe bigger is better. With celebrity engagements on the rise and stars like Beyoncé and Sofia Vergara flashing their mega diamond rings, brides can’t help but have ring-envy. However, a harsh reality sets in once couples begin ring shopping and realize the “Kim Kardashian ring of their dreams” far exceeds their budget. For years, brides have had to trade down quality for in order to get quantity (carat weight), but Christopher Designs is the solution to this dilemma. Christopher Designs meets a couple’s desire for high-quality diamonds that still have that wow-factor with their L’Amour Crisscut diamonds. This patented cut is broader, making it bigger in appearance and it’s more sparkly without the high price tag. As opposed to cutting a diamond deep with a lot of carat weight hidden way down in the setting, L’Amour Crisscut diamonds have a broader surface and silhouette, making the diamond look bigger and reflect light better. This ground-breaking cutting technology is available in 4 popular shapes, and importantly for most, a L’Amour Crisscut diamond can appear 30% to 60% larger than generic diamonds of the same shape and each provides superior light performance. Brides can dream big (and their fiancés don’t need to drain their bank accounts to make that dream a reality). Check out some of our favorite celebrity inspired L’Amour Crisscut engagement rings below!


A twist on tradition with pave diamonds, a split shank setting and a L’Amour Crisscut classic diamond center stone, this ring has that Beyoncé bling with unique details.


This Sofia Vergara inspired L’Amour Crisscut cushion diamond ring is so chic with a diamond halo and diamond encrusted band. The metal work around the center stone accentuates the diamond cut and sparkle.


The L’Amour Crisscut diamond engagement ring showcases the center stone, making it the true star of the setting, similar to Kim Kardashian’s ring. The diamonds along the band give that added sparkle while not taking attention away from the center stone.


Three stone rings have a beautiful, regal flair – they are classic but still make a statement. Similar to Meghan Markle’s, this L’Amour Crisscut diamond engagement ring features three L’Amour Crisscut diamonds and a simple shank.


Like Amal Clooney’s ring, this L’Amour Crisscut ring features elegant tapered baguettes down the shank. With a diamond halo, this ring is truly stunning.

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