Crisscut® Diamond Jewelry | The Most Brilliant & Whitest Diamonds
Dreaming of the perfect diamond design? Crisscut® was created to reflect the new shape of your love.

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For a diamond that is bigger, brighter and more beautiful…#choosecrisscut

One of the gorgeous items we are debuting at The @centurionjewelry show! We can’t wait to see all of our amazing retail partners! #choosecrisscut #christopherdesigns

Our retail partners can’t get enough of these beautiful Neon Crisscut flexible bangle bracelets! #choosecrisscut #christopherdesigns

Choose your fighter! The Neon Crisscut Round, Neon Emerald, and Neon Crisscut Pear. You can’t go wrong! #choosecrisscut #christopherdesigns

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