3 engagement ring trends you need to know now

By Heather Levine

If a proposal is on the horizon, it means you’ve probably already started the hunt for the perfect engagement ring. And, while ultimately the ring that you choose should reflect your personal style – because you’re the one that will be wearing it for the next 50 plus years – it never hurts to get a little inspiration from what’s new now. Take a peak, and consider adding a few of these diamond dazzlers to your Pinterest board.

  1. Three Stone Engagement Rings
    Royal weddings have been influencing bridal style for decades, so it’s no surprise that the latest Buckingham bride’s bling would spark some serious inspiration. Megan Markle’s engagement ring, as described by the couple during their first sit-down interview with the BBC, was designed by Prince Harry and features a center stone, sourced from Botswana, and two side stones from Princess Diana’s jewelry collection. Harry said that he chose his mother’s diamonds “to make sure that she’s with us on this – on this crazy journey together.” However, you don’t need to own an heirloom diamond to have an engagement ring that’s rich with symbolism. In fact, three-stone-rings are often called trinity rings, and the stones have been said to represent past, present and future or friendship, love and fidelity.These L’Amour Crisscut® three-stone diamond engagement rings are heirloom-worthy, modern and romantic all at once.
  2. Unique Halo Settings
    Characterized by a collection of round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds that surround a center gemstone, halo rings are a delicate setting style that has been popular for quite some time. And with good reason. The smaller stones draw attention to your center stone making it look bigger than if it were a simple solitaire. What’s new now? Unique halo styles that do more than just sparkle, they spark conversation.Details like double rows of pavé and the use of mixed metals make these L’Amour Crisscut® engagement rings extra special.
  3. Shimmering Emerald Shapes
    With its clean lines and symmetry, the emerald cut engagement ring first gained popularity in the 1920s making it a perfect pick for today’s vintage-inspired bride. Ironically, the cut is also a favorite among more contemporary brides who fall in love with the geometric gem for its modern appeal. However, both parties will likely agree that this rectangular shape, while it can look more substantial, often lacks the sparkle that’s evident in many round stones. Until now. The latest look for this elongated shape is all about the bling.Thanks to the Christopher Designs’ proprietary cutting techniques, you can score an emerald-shaped dazzler, with some serious sparkle, that appears up to 50% larger than a traditional emerald stone of similar carat size.

Want more engagement ring inspiration? Check out our engagement ring gallery or head to one of our local retailers.

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