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Crisscut® Halo Engagement Rings

A halo engagement ring is impressive and classic. Christopher Designs offers both single and double halo engagement rings to suit your budget and style. Each of our halo engagement rings feature one of our patented diamond cuts that emphasize size, color and clarity. Choose Crisscut for maximum size and brilliance.

The Halo Engagement Ring

A Contemporary Design That’s Dazzles

Halo engagement ring cuts truly are an eye-catching ring style. Unlike the classic solitaire cut, this design is bolder, bigger, and easily recognizable. A halo cut design features a center stone that’s circled – or haloed – by smaller stones. This setting is particularly popular thanks to the sheer brilliance and size that it adds to round- or cushion-cut center stones. It’s easy to see why this specific ring style would be perfectly suited as an engagement ring and a royal heirloom alike.

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